Contact Information

Here are our contact details to reach us for any questions, bookings or concerns.

We do not accept reservations by email, please contact us by phone.

Are pets allowed on the campsite?

Yes, pets are allowed on the campsite. However, a fee of 1 euro per pet per night is charged.

Is there a waste water disposal station available at the campsite?

There is a free fresh water and wastewater disposal station for guests on the campsite. External guests can use the station for a fee of 5 euros.

What connections are available at the campsite?

Our campsite has connections for water, electricity, and wastewater.

What are the check-in and check-out times for the campsite?

Check-in is possible from 9:00 am if a pitch is already available. If you arrive outside the reception opening hours, you can choose a free pitch and pay the next day. Please note that check-out is required by 11:00 am on the day of departure.

What should I do if I arrive after the reception is closed?

If you arrive outside the reception opening hours, please choose a free pitch and conveniently pay at the reception the next morning. We ask you to plan your departure by 11:00 am on the following day.

What is the size of the pitches?

The size of the pitches is 4.5 m x 9 m.